... is Flex

The Premium Flexible Website platform, for people like you, that want to get their own website fast and with exceptional design.

It's beautiful.

What is a FlexSite?

A FlexSite is a combination of a Wordpress Headless Content Management System - which lets you edit and add pages and media.. in conjunction with our high performance orientated website. There's no Wordpress Plugins, no Wordpress Themes, no extra code, nothing to slow it down. It's fast. Like, super fast.

This is not your normal Wordpress, Wix, or SquareSpace website.

In combination with a Worldwide Content Delivery Network, that pushes your website to over 115 strategically located datacentres around the world ensuring super fast and sub 2 second delivery to visitors around the world.

Flex Features

Cloud hosted for reliability

Your own domain name, or ours

Beautifully designed by us, or you

Every page is customizable by you

Sub 2 second load times*

Highly Search Engine Optimized

Automatic SEO & submission

Add your own images & video

Works on mobile, desktop, tablet, or TV

Choose from over 150 themes

Headless Wordpress

Automatic SEO & submission

Your own @domain.com email

Super fast, cached globally

We maintain everything for you

Online or Face-to-Face help
* sub 2-second load times is based on 2 large images on the page served in WEBP format and analyzed with Google PageSpeed